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MUA to petition Parliament over Chevron State Agreement non-compliance

Thursday 28 Aug 2014

The WA Branch of the Maritime Union of Australia (MUAWA) will present a petition to State Parliament asking the Legislative Council to investigate the performance of Chevron and its suppliers in complying with the Gorgon Gas Processing and Infrastructure Project Agreement "the Agreement".

Download and complete a copy of the petition here.

The Agreement was negotiated under the Gallop Labor Government and passed through Parliament in 2003.  Among other things, it requires Chevron and its subcontractors to give preference to Australian labour and local suppliers in the construction and operation of the Gorgon project.

MUAWA Secretary Christy Cain said Chevron was clearly not complying with the Agreement by giving preference to foreign workers and offshore fabrication.

"Chevron is required by law to give preference to Australian labour and local suppliers on Gorgon, but instead they encourage the use of foreign labour, both on Barrow Island and on the vessels helping build the project," he said.

"Plus, we've seen over many years that the vast majority of the steel fabricated for the project has been done offshore, with workshop closures and job losses on the Kwinana strip the result. 

"Colin Barnett has failed to enforce the terms of the Agreement Geoff Gallop signed with Chevron, and the company is doing whatever it likes as a result."

Mr Cain said Parliament had the power to hold Chevron to account.

"The Legislative Council has the power to investigate Chevron's performance under this agreement and compel Chevron executives to explain why they and their sub-contractors are not complying with the Agreement," he said.

"Last week, Colin Barnett let Chevron break its commitment to locate its Wheatstone workforce in Onslow.  If the Premier won't hold Chevron to account, State Parliament must." 

The MUAWA will present its petition to State Parliament in September.

Download Gorgon Report